The Giant ( Jacky & Beanstalk )

Project: Jacky & Beanstalk
Character: The Giant
I adore the story of Jack and Beanstalk, a timeless tale that brings back cherished memories from our childhood. Inspired by this classic, I've embarked on a creative journey to reimagine the narrative through my own unique lens. In my rendition, the central protagonist is a spirited young girl named Jacky, who takes on the lead role with determination and bravery. With this refreshing twist, I'm excited to design the characters and breathe new life into this beloved story.

Jacky ( Jacky & Beanstalk )

Character: Jacky
Jacky is a brave and adventurous young girl.
She resides in a quaint little city with her loving mother.
Jacky's family faces financial challenges as they are poor.
To support her family, Jacky takes on two jobs. One of her jobs is caring for her beloved goat with dedication and tenderness. Jacky also works at a cozy bookstore in her city.

The Little Dragon ( Jacky & Beanstalk )

Character: The Little Dragon
Jacky, on her journey, meets a little dragon, and they become friends. The little dragon helps Jacky defeat the giant.
Project: Tara's Diary
Augmented Reality book
Character: Tara
Tara is a 29 years old woman living in 2052.
She is an artist and lives in Ziranda.
Tara is equipped with cutting-edge technology embedded in her eyes and ears.
The concept of traditional clothing has been replaced by virtual garments that can be seamlessly viewed through specialized eye gadgets. 
In the real world, Tara opts for a simple, practical outfit, while her virtual attire offers a realm of limitless possibilities and personalized styles.
Tara's Natural/No-Makeup
With Tara's advanced eye gadget, she can effortlessly experiment with diverse cosmetic designs, ranging from bold and vibrant looks to subtle and elegant ones.
Each virtual makeup style is meticulously crafted to enhance Tara's features and express her individuality.
Tara's Virtual Creative/Artistic Makeup

Tara's Virtual Party/Evening Makeup

Tara's Virtual Party/Evening Makeup

Designing diverse virtual clothing for Tara.
The elements of her clothes can come alive with motion virtually, adding dynamic flair to her outfits. 
Tara can even change the colors of her garments while wearing them virtually.
Tara's Virtual Creative/Fashion
The mood board is for designing Shahrzad's character.  Persian queens' fashion style, lived around 600s-900s CE in Iran.
The mood board is for designing Shahrzad's character. Persian queens' fashion style, lived around 600s-900s CE in Iran.
Project: Shahrzad, the Storyteller
Video Game ( A casual Hidden Object Game)
Character: Shahrzad
Shahrzad is a major female character and the storyteller in the frame narrative of the Middle Eastern collection of tales known as the One Thousand and One Nights.
She is a Persian queen who lived in 600s-900s CE.

Arab Merchant
Arab Merchant
Indian Girl
Indian Girl
Project: Shahrzad, the Storyteller
Video Game
Designing characters based on the stories of the 1001 Nights book.
Characters: Arab Merchant, Indian Girl, Sinbad, Alibaba



Project: Chic 
Video Game ( A casual Time Management game)
Characters are customers of a boutique with different fashion styles, ages, and genders.
Each customer can experience three distinct moods: Happy, Sad, and Angry.


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